The Ultimate Guide to Treating Skin Lacerations

You may not be able to get through life without suffering from a cut – also called a skin laceration – but you can at least prepare yourself by learning about your different treatment options. As long as your laceration is not life threatening, you can bring yourself to an urgent care center for medical care.

Turning to an urgent care center saves you the costs associated with the emergency room while offering more flexible availability than your physician’s office. Without any appointment needed, you can head to an urgent care center to benefit from one of the following laceration treatment options.


Suturing is the most popular technique for laceration repair, especially multiple-layer wounds and areas of high skin tension such as the joints. Absorbable sutures are the most convenient form because they are absorbed into the skin over eight weeks, while other types of sutures must be manually removed at a later date. Sutures look like thread, and they can be applied to the skin in different types of closures to deliver the best cosmetic and medical results.


The skin can also be stapled after local anesthesia has been applied to the injury. This method requires the use of antibiotic ointment every day. The scalp, upper extremities, trunk, and lower extremities can all be treated using staples, which must be removed anywhere from one to two weeks after placement. However, since scarring and difficult removal sometimes occur, this is not the most popular choice of treatment.

Skin Glue

Commonly known by the name brand Dermabond, skin glue offers the cosmetic results of sutures but can be applied in a faster manner. Skin glue is often the repair of choice for children and in areas with low skin tension like the face and shin because it does not require anesthesia and eliminates the need for a follow-up appointment. Skin glue actually peels away on its own after five to ten days.  

Whether you cut yourself chopping vegetables or playing a sport, it’s important to seek treatment for your laceration before more damage occurs. Call (813) 701-3260 to speak to a professional at The Clinicians Primary Care & Urgent Care in Tampa, Florida to get started.