Medical Guidelines for Traveling this Summer

Summer is the time for traveling, but the excitement and adventure of vacation does not come without risks. If you plan to travel in the country or abroad this summer, be sure to seek medical attention at least four weeks before you leave. This will give your doctor the opportunity to evaluate your current health and provide any vaccines needed to ensure your health and safety.

What is Travel Medicine?

Travel medicine is an emerging specialty that offers treatment, prevention strategies, and prophylactic measures for potential diseases acquired during travel domestically or overseas. Long distance traveling has become so common in today’s world that humans are frequently exposed to new and different health hazards, many of which they would never come across if traveling didn’t occur. This is especially true for people visiting development countries, where bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections are easily spread through unsanitary water supply and food contamination.

Your Doctor Will Use The Most Up-to-Date Information Available

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continually publishes information about the state of health in every country around the world. By visiting a doctor who practices travel medicine, you will receive advice and care based on the most current information, recommendations, and resources available. A doctor who continually monitors, assesses, and integrates into practice the latest information from the CDC will be able to effectively protect your health before, during, and after your trip.   

Get Your Vaccines

The vaccinations that you receive before traveling will be largely dependent upon your destination. In Brazil, for example, contaminated food and water, mosquitos, and infected animals all pose risks to travelers. The CDC recommends that all travelers receive typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, rabies, and influenza vaccinations. In India, meanwhile, vaccinations for polio and measles, mumps, and rubella are still recommended.

The team at Clinicians Urgent Care in Tampa, Florida offers travel medicine consultations to discuss and advise on preventive strategies and vaccinations for your summer travel plans. Whether you need the meningococcal vaccination and certificate for your Hajj pilgrimage or the yellow fever vaccination to travel overseas, Clinicians Urgent Care can provide the care you need. Call (813) 701-3260 to learn more.