Medical Guidelines for Traveling this Summer

Summer is the time for traveling, but the excitement and adventure of vacation does not come without risks. If you plan to travel in the country or abroad this summer, be sure to seek medical attention at least four weeks before you leave. This will give your doctor the opportunity to evaluate your current health and provide any vaccines needed to ensure your health and safety.

What is Travel Medicine?

Travel medicine is an emerging specialty that offers treatment, prevention strategies, and prophylactic measures for potential diseases acquired during travel domestically or overseas. Long distance traveling has become so common in today’s world that humans are frequently exposed to new and different health hazards, many of which they would never come across if traveling didn’t occur. This is especially true for people visiting development countries, where bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections are easily spread through unsanitary water supply and food contamination. Continue reading “Medical Guidelines for Traveling this Summer”

Exploring Pain Management Options

Living in chronic pain isn’t just uncomfortable; it is devastating to endure every day in a fog of pain that prevents you from participating and enjoying your life as you should. Rather than accepting this poor quality of life, you can work with your doctor to develop a pain management regimen. The following three pain management options are popular in Florida and around the country to escape chronic pain and move freely once again.

Epidural Injection

Epidurals aren’t just for childbirth! A lumbar epidural steroid injection can be used to reduce the inflammation around spinal nerves in order to alleviate chronic pain, tingling, and numbness in the lower back and legs. In fact, ESIs have been in use since 1952 as a central non-surgical method of pain management for sciatica and lower back pain. One injection provides relief for months or even a full year. This method of pain management is valuable because it can alleviate pain enough to allow patients to complete rehabilitative stretching and exercise as well!   Continue reading “Exploring Pain Management Options”

Medical Weight Loss: Your Guide to Safe, Personalized Care

Weight loss is not an easy goal to achieve! If you’ve been struggling for years to shed pounds or feel frustrated by confusing fad diet plans, you should give medically supervised weight loss a try. Optifast is one of the nation’s most popular medical weight loss programs because its comprehensive technique helps you embrace a new and healthier lifestyle.

What is Medically Supervised Weight Loss?

Medically supervised weight loss is guided and supported by an experienced and specially trained physician who understands that weight loss involves far more than a decrease in caloric intake. At The Clinicians Primary Care & Urgent Care, Board Certified Physicians work with patients to complete a detailed medical consultation and evaluation that includes blood tests and the designation of weight loss goals. Throughout the duration of your chosen weight loss program, patients make planned visits with their physician for monitoring purposes. Continue reading “Medical Weight Loss: Your Guide to Safe, Personalized Care”

Flu Season Isn’t Over: It’s Not Too Late for a Flu Shot

We’ve all seen the news stories warning about this season’s harsh flu strains. In Florida, it’s easy to assume that the threat of the flu has passed since warm weather has arrived, but unfortunately the flu season is not entirely over. That’s why it’s not too late to get your flu shot and equip your body with a better ability to prevent the flu. The flu shot is so easy that there’s no reason not to take care of yourself!

What is the Flu Shot Made Of?

The flu vaccine is created with inactivated virus cells from the most common forms of the flu virus. Since they are inactivated, it means they are dead. While the strains used may not match perfectly with the strains that pop up this winter, they will still strengthen your immune system by activating antibodies that protect against infection. Continue reading “Flu Season Isn’t Over: It’s Not Too Late for a Flu Shot”

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Skin Lacerations

You may not be able to get through life without suffering from a cut – also called a skin laceration – but you can at least prepare yourself by learning about your different treatment options. As long as your laceration is not life threatening, you can bring yourself to an urgent care center for medical care.

Turning to an urgent care center saves you the costs associated with the emergency room while offering more flexible availability than your physician’s office. Without any appointment needed, you can head to an urgent care center to benefit from one of the following laceration treatment options.

Sutures Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Treating Skin Lacerations”

3 Pain Management Techniques that Don’t Require a Prescription

As our nation as a whole struggles to address the opioid crisis, you may find yourself wondering how you can alleviate your chronic or acute pain without relying on pain medication. There are actually a number of alternative treatments for chronic pain that you can utilize to achieve relief without putting yourself at risk of dangerous side effects. These three alternative pain management techniques will help you achieve the results you need to live your life to its fullest.


Acupuncture identifies precise points on the body and stimulates them for a certain amount of time. This stimulation makes changes to the central nervous system, thus relieving pain and resolving other existing problems. For example, the stimulation of acupuncture is known to increase blood stimulation, sensitize nerves, and release endorphins. Studies have found that this alternative practice can minimize symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, back pain, and sports injuries. Continue reading “3 Pain Management Techniques that Don’t Require a Prescription”

Should Cutting Down on Sugar Be Your 2018 Resolution?

We are all aware of the vices in life that are dangerously addictive: cigarettes, alcohol, and gambling, just to name a few. But what about sugar? While you know that eating icecream for breakfast and drinking soda with each meal are not great health choices, you may not realize just how dangerous sugar actually is to your body. In fact, cutting down on your sugar intake could be the best resolution you make for yourself in 2018!

As explained by the medical director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, “People generally know that sugar isn’t good, but they don’t appreciate how powerfully negative it really is. If you look at all of the things in our diet we can change, pulling away from refined or added sugar will do more good than anything else.” This means that the sugar found naturally in apples and blackberries are just fine, but the sugar added to your favorite cookies is not so innocent. Worse yet, added sugar sneaks in where you’d least expect it, such as in cereals, sauces, yogurts, and salad dressings. Continue reading “Should Cutting Down on Sugar Be Your 2018 Resolution?”

How to Handle Sinus Infections This Winter

It’s that time of year again! The winter isn’t just the season of the flu; it is also the time of year when sinus infections thrive. Acute sinusitis develops when viruses, bacteria, or fungi cause inflammation that leads to pressure in the cheeks, forehead, and eyes. Though unpleasant, sinus infections are easy enough to treat. It’s chronic sinusitis, the persistent inflammation of the sinuses, that needs more serious medical attention.  

Recognizing and Treating Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is a relatively common condition that causes the cavities around your sinuses, which are your nasal passages, to become inflamed and swollen. Mucus cannot drain normally and ends up building up to cause difficulty breathing, throbbing facial pain, and headaches. You are most likely to suffer from a sinus infection after you catch a cold. It can often resolve itself after about a week, and you can use techniques like saline nasal spray, decongestants, and ibuprofen to relieve your pain. If a bacterial infection forms and makes your sinus infection too painful, it’s time to see your doctor to be prescribed antibiotics. Continue reading “How to Handle Sinus Infections This Winter”

I’m Pregnant, Should I Get the Flu Shot?

Tis the season! Not just for holidays, but for the flu as well. Getting the flu shot is the single simplest and most efficient action you can take to safeguard your health. But what if you are pregnant? Many women worry that the flu shot could be dangerous for the babies growing inside of them. However, the truth is that getting the flu shot is actually highly recommended for pregnant women by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Why is the Flu Shot Important For Pregnant Women?

The flu is far more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant women than in women who are not pregnant. Pregnancy causes the heart, lungs, and immune system to change, making pregnant women more prone to severe illness during a standard bout of the flu. It is essential that you keep yourself as healthy as possible during your pregnancy in order to protect your baby and keep yourself feeling your best. Continue reading “I’m Pregnant, Should I Get the Flu Shot?”

A Quick Guide to Your Flu FAQS

’Tis the season! Not just for holiday gatherings, delicious meals, and gift giving, but also for the flu. Though the flu is a year-round illness, it becomes even more prevalent during the winter, so this is the perfect time to brush up on your influenza knowledge and ensure that you and your family members are protected this winter.  

Can the Flu Vaccine Make Me Sick?

The flu vaccine is the single most effective way to ward off the flu. Just one shot is all you need to receive the vaccine, and it will immediately go to work developing extra layers of protection for your body. Unfortunately, many people are wary of the flu shot because they mistakenly believe that it can cause the flu to develop. The flu vaccine actually contains an inactivated virus that is incapable of spreading infection. It simply helps your body develop the antibodies you need to protect against infection from the flu in the future. How can you say no to that? Continue reading “A Quick Guide to Your Flu FAQS”